Coast and Central Valley Miwok Indians by Emma and Kira

-Usually plenty of food.
-They ate animals, fish, many plants, nuts, and berries.
-On the coast they leaned sticks together then covered them with grass or tule.
-In the mountains they leaned wide slabs of cedar bark against each other.
-Their houses varied from where they lived
-Each village had a sweat lodge.
-Most had a large building for ceremonies.
-Miwok villages varied in size.
-The ceremonial houses were dug 3 or 4 feet below the ground.
Division of Labor:
-Some Miwok games taught important skills like hunting skills.
-Miwok kids played many of the games kids play today like tag and hide-and-seek.
Use of Resources:
HOMES: Grass, tule, cedar bark, and branches.
FOOD: Animals, fish, plants, nuts, and berries.
TRADE: Important activity, They learned lots from each other.(salt was $)
CLOTHING: Animal skins, plant fibers, willow bark, cedar bark, agave fiber, tule, bear grass, milkweed fiber, and Indian hemp.
Interesting Facts:
-How they use games to develop skills.
-They would get tatoos.
-Two cheifs, one male one female.
-Female ceremonial leader, or maien.
Miwok Indian Basket

Miwok Indian Basket


Miwok Indian Village Reconstruction


Miwok Indian clothing


Miwok Indian Food


Miwok Indian house